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We can help reinstate suspended Google Ads Accounts and provide expert appeal and management services for businesses of all sizes.

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Has your Google Ads Account been Suspended? Not sure what to do? Losing Money? We can Help!

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Your Google Ads account was suspended! Your business is losing revenue every day until it's fixed. If left alone, the results will be catastrophic. The consequences can even trickle into your livelihood. Troubleshooting and diagnosing the problem can often take more time than you can spare. At DM Visibility, we have already solved this problem so many times that we can save you what is most precious, your time. Let us save you the trouble of digging through The Google Ads Network's convoluted advertising policies.

Let us help you! We have more than 20 years of experience in Google policy compliance. We can help you get back into good standing with Big Brother.

Keep in mind

Before you start panicking and making decisions that can hurt your ads account change of reinstatement, here are a few points to consider that you should do immediately to preserve your business.

1) Don’t create any new Google Ads accounts.

2) Don’t can and start complaining to Google.

3) Without understanding what is wrong, do not Submit any Appeals

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Possible Reasons

If you Google Ads has been suspended you will need immediate from experts in the field

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Circumventing the Google Ads System

A broad term for when Google flags you for not following the rules laid out to ensure a level playing field. You really do not want this to be your reason for suspension, and if it is you should contact DM Visibility straight away.

Multiple Google Ads Accounts

To ensure everyone using Google AdWords has a fair and level playing field, Google will find, link, and subsequently BAN anyone who attempts to open and/or run multiple accounts for the same website/product. If you have a suspended account and link another ad account, both accounts will be suspended. Any Chance you had of recovering your account has been greatly decreased. Do not do this

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Misrepresentation of Products or Self

It could be that your products don’t have enough information available on your products, or even your website. It’s always better to have a professional cross the I’s and dot the T’s to make sure it’s done right, and DM Visibility Google ads account and website audit is just what the doctor ordered!

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Broken Landing Pages

Sometimes the reason for Google account suspensions doesn’t have to do with the AdWords account but your website! If an ad links back to a page that Google does not approve of your account will be suspended. There is numerous reasons Google could consider your landing page unacceptable. Fortunately, that is exactly why we are here!

Incomplete Website

Google has certain information it looks for on websites to determine if the website is legitimate and trustworthy. Failure to have this information displayed properly will result in having your account suspended.

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Misleading Ad Design

Sometimes the design of your ads will cause Google to suspend your account because it is not entirely clear what you are actually advertising. The Ads Advisor team is more than capable of troubleshooting these kinds of problems and bringing your ads in line with Googles terms and conditions.

Schedule a FREE consultation to investigate your issue
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Frequently asked questions

Why Wont Google tell me about why my ads account was suspended?

One of the questions we get asked most often from our clients is why Google would do so little to help their Ads customers continue spending their advertising budget with them. We understand how frustrating it can be to have your Google Ads account suspended after months or even years of spending money with Google while unable to receive direct help or solutions for fixing an account issue. Please understand that Google Ads is one of the largest digital ads platforms globally, and it is impossible to have their policy team members offer direct support for every single ad account on their network. Even though they have dedicated teams for their Google Ads customers, they are not experts on the topic and cannot offer specific advice on policy violations or website changes. This is where we come in. Our team is committed to providing the expertise of solving the riddle of Google Ads; we dive deep into identifying their reasons for account suspension and solving them with a sense of urgency.

How long will it take to unsuspend my account?

In these uncertain times of COVID-19 everything is moving at a much slower pace than typically expected. Every Google Ads suspension case is unique, and therefore it is tough to give an exact timeframe to have your account reinstated. We have had suspensions ranging from a few hours after submission to a few weeks or in some cases even a few months.This is why it’s we take full, open and honest disclosure very seriously here at DM Visibility. Failure to properly communicate any and all information about your account could seriously delay if not prevent your account from being unsuspended. We pride ourselves on a high rate of account recovery, but we can’t help you if you don’t help us!

Why can’t I just make a new account?

For similar reasons as to why Google may suspend your account for issuing a charge-back, creating a new account does not resolve any outstanding issues you have with Google and any new accounts you make will most likely be suspended from Google as well.

Can you sell me a new account?

We at DM Visibility do not sell accounts directly to people however our maintenance and management both include services that can assist you with account creation and oversight to ensure any account you sign on with us maintains good standing with Google!

What countries are your services available in?

At this present time all other services provided by DM Visibility are only available in the United States and Canada

Can you help with both manual and automatic suspensions?

Due to the nature of automatic suspensions, DM Visibility cannot offer any guarantee that any services offered can help with an account that has been suspended automatically

Why is Google suspending my affiliate accounts?

Google works very hard to ensure people do not abuse the AdWords system and have undisclosed methods of discerning if an account is associated with another account that suspended, has payment issues, or is not in good standing with Google. If you do not properly disclose that your account is linked to another account before or at the time of agreement, we reserve the right to terminate our agreement immediately!

How does Google Ads detect policy violations?

Google uses both automated and human evaluation to detect violations of Google Ads policies. We review information from a variety of sources, including your ads, accounts and content, user complaints, consumer reviews, regulatory warnings and rulings.

Can repeated violations of a policy lead to account suspension?

Yes. Repeated violations of any Google Ads policy can lead to an account suspension. If an advertiser repeatedly violates a Google Ads advertising policy, we will send a warning to outline the nature of the policy violations and any remedial action that can be taken, in order to comply. At that time, the advertiser will be given an opportunity to remedy the violations or, if they do not believe they have violated the policy, explain why they do not believe they are in violation of the policy. This notification will be sent at least 7 days prior to suspension action.

How does Google detect policy violations?

Though the exact methods are a Google secret, it is known that Google uses things such as ad content, payment information, customer reviews and various account details to conduct automatic and manual reviews of peoples AdWords accounts.

Suspicious products

It is at Googles discretion to suspend your account based on the product you are selling or in some cases what/where/who you are selling to. The most obvious example of this is suspicious pharmaceutical products (eg weight loss pills), but this can include other things such as adult intended products, products having to do with crypto currencies and other things that could be considered mature or explicit

Suspicious Activity

If Google detects abnormal payments, unusual security changes, new log in’s etc. They may suspend your account temporarily. This is done for BOTH you and Googles safety and you must follow certain procedures to secure your account before it will be eligible for reinstatement.  

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